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Experience, technological performance and innovation combine to produce world leading water solutions.

In a world where water resources are coming increasingly under pressure, it is not sufficient just to adopt new technologies but to push the boundaries in performance, energy consumption and exploitation of salt recovery.  Global experience in the spectrum of technologies, both old and new, places The Pure H2O Company GWT at the forefront of its field.


Terry Cummings our Engineering Director has been active in water treatment since 1967 with many innovations to his credit. Foremost of these are the evolution of membrane applications and Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD).


With experience across the water treatment spectrum supporting many global companies in diverse applications from drinking water supplies to medicines, from microelectronics to petrochemical all within the perennial problem of the ever finite global water supply conundrum The Pure H2O Company GWT is uniquely qualified.


Roger Wiltshire founded The Pure H2O Company Ltd. in 1991 introducing Reverse Osmosis & RODI processes to consumer and semi-commercial markets such as Laboratory and Food Production. Significantly, the business pioneered the use of Thin Film Composite membrane technology migrating away from CTA membranes as early as 1992.


The Pure H2O Company GWT experience crosses multi-disciplines with extensive experience in Ultra Pure Water (UPW) for the semi-conductor sector, Waste Water Treatment, Desalination, Ultra Filtration and Membrane Bio-Reactors.


The Pure H2O Company GWT were responsible for notable UPW projects including Nortel Networks and Mountbatten (Southampton) where the UK’s first all-membrane plant was designed using processes of RO, EDI, GTM, UF.

Our Values

"Water is our World"

We value life-long value and customer support. Water is our World.


"We Aim for the Top"

Our Vision is to develop the most efficient Reverse Osmosis Systems


"Turnkey drinking water solutions"

Our mission is to offer turnkey drinking water solutions for plants ranging from 2m3 to 1000000m3 using a multi-disciplined approach to water treatment solutions.




The Pure H2O Company – GWT (Global Water Treatment) brings together two businesses owned and run by respective Directors Terry Cummings & Roger Wiltshire and their global experiences. In particular Terry Cummings has a prolific track record spanning all treatment disciplines and with global experience.


The Pure H2O Company GWT has been established 24 years with a track record in the EU, predominantly the UK and Bahrain. Roger Wiltshire was responsible for the introduction and development of RO Drinking water in the health food sector, development of the consumer market and notable medium scale RO & RODI plant.


GWT has been established in Tunisia for 10 years with experience in the local market. Our Director on the ground is Mohamed Debbich has first-hand knowledge of the markets. GWT employs and trains 4 Design Engineers.


Together PureH2O-GWT combines project management and engineering skills and experience spanning 40 years.


The Pure H2O Company GWT is the sole distributor (Tunisia) for Jaeger Umwelt-Technik GmbH who provide unique aeration solutions for biological wastewater treatment.

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The global water ttreatment specialists, The PureH2O Co GWT

Experience, technological performance and innovation combine to produce world leading water solutions.

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